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Animal Express

Animal Express is an established pet courier with 30 years experience, offering road transport for cats and dogs between the United Kingdom (UK) and EU. When you’re relocating with a pet between the UK (Scotland, England, Wales & Northern Ireland) and EU countries such as Portugal, Spain and France, sometimes a road trip is the best option. Especially when returning to the UK with a cat or dog, as laws don’t allow pets to enter in the cabin of a plane. Animal Express couriers offer an alternative method of transport, not just for our personal pets, but also to charities relocating cats and dogs from the EU to the UK, where their adopters are eagerly waiting to welcome them. In fact, the owners of Animal Express couriers are themselves pet parents to 11 rescues – ten dogs and one cat. Don’t need three guesses to know who is the boss in that pet pack! Check out reviews for Animal Express, or leave a review if you’ve used their UK and EU pet courier services.

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Animal Express
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Animal Express Services

Animal Express pet couriers work with the philosophy that animals’ needs come first and foremost.

For example, the vehicles are designed with pet comfort and safety in mind, including air-conditioning and a night heater in the pet section. Temperature is maintained at 22°C to safeguard optimum well-being for your furry family member.

In addition, the drivers always stop for a night’s rest so that the cats, dogs and their caretaker can have some proper shut eye. This also ensures that drivers are alert for the next leg of the journey, and can courier your pet safely.

And fear not, your cat, dog or rabbit isn’t left alone overnight, as the Animal Express driver sleeps in the pet area with them. Cute!

As an added incentive, Animal Express couriers only serves their own brand, grain-free pet food on all UK and EU trips. The ingredient list would be impressive even for a human, don’t you think?

Individual cages with water bowls and, soft comfortable bedding are provided in their pet transport vehicles.

Will Animal Express Exercise My Dog?

As well as being your pet’s sleep buddy, the Animal Express driver will walk your dog two or three times each day. Not just for toilet breaks, but also to provide exercise and mental stimulation.

Cats, ferrets, rabbits etc. are given sufficient space to move about, together with separate litter and feeding trays.

Animal Express posts regular photo updates on their Facebook page during their UK and EU pet courier trips. A live tracking link will also be given to you so that you can keep a close eye on your pet’s progress.

Which Countries does Animal Express Serve?

While a scheduled monthly service is operated between the UK and France and Spain, it’s usually suitable for pet relocation to or from Portugal too. There’s also a monthly EU pet courier available between Spain, France, Germany and Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg.

The operating timetable is available on the Animal Express website, though you can email if it hasn’t been updated.

Animal Express offers a charter service on request for the rest of Europe. With this option, you hire the entire vehicle for the duration of the required route. The Animal Express charter on demand covers the vast majority of EU countries.

You’ll be provided with the entire trip plan, including delivery times, several days in advance of your pet’s travel date.

Be assured that Animal Express has approval from the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and the Republic of Ireland’s Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine (DAFM).

Cost of Animal Express Pet Couriers for UK & EU

£325 per pet between the UK and Spain/France

£180 per pet between Spain, France, Germany & Benelux

The charge for Animal Express’ charter service varies depending on your desired locations.

Prices are inclusive of food, toys, treats, bedding, Eurotunnel ticket and TLC! There may be an additional charge depending on the area of collection or delivery.

Remember to leave a review if your cat, dog, rabbit or ferret is transported by road with Animal Express pet couriers in the UK and EU!

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