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Animal Couriers

Animal Couriers offers road transport for cats and dogs between the United Kingdom (UK) and EU, as well as worldwide freight services for airline cargo pets. In fact, Animal Couriers will actually seek out a pet flight to suit your needs if you want to fly your cat or dog in the cargo hold, so they’re almost like a pet travel agency! When you’re relocating with a pet between the UK (Scotland, England, Wales & Northern Ireland) and EU countries such Germany, Greece and Italy sometimes a road trip with animal couriers is the best option. Especially when returning to the UK with a cat or dog, as laws don’t allow pets to enter in the cabin of a plane. Animal Couriers is a hybrid in the pet transport world as they don’t just offer travel by road or cargo – they have both methods covered. Check out reviews for Animal Couriers, or leave a review if you’ve used their UK and EU pet transport services by road or flying as cargo.

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Animal Couriers
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Animal Couriers Services

Animal Couriers provides options for pet travel by road between the UK and EU, with common routes between England, Germany, Spain, France, Greece and Italy. Their experienced drivers take care of your pet’s needs in purpose built, comfortable vehicles. The custom made vans include pet compartments and air-conditioning.

Individual cages with water bowls and, soft comfortable bedding are provided in their pet transport vehicles.

In addition, Animal Couriers offers the option to fly your pet as cargo instead. They work with various pet friendly airlines to fly your cat or dog across the globe. As an accredited International Air Transport Association (IATA) cargo agent, Animal Couriers has access to a myriad of worldwide airlines to fit your pet travel needs.

They can usually arrange for your pet to fly in the cargo hold on the same flight as you, or one that has a similar arrival time. Pets flying in the hold as cargo can travel unaccompanied, but, Animal Couriers can also provide a travel buddy for your pet on request, at an additional charge.

If that’s not enough, Animal Couriers has an airport pet collection and delivery service on offer in the UK, Spain and France.

Should you be lucky enough to have the luxury of a charter flight with your cat or dog, Animal Couriers can arrange the private aircraft for you and your pets to make the trip together in style.

And fear not if there are any gaps between your arrival at your destination, and your pets, as Animal Couriers has a home boarding service to mind you furry friends until you arrive.

Will Animal Couriers Exercise My Dog?

Dogs are given plenty of exercise by the their caretaker, and are afforded time to rest, eat and play.

Animal Couriers posts regular photo updates on their Facebook page during their UK and EU pet courier trips. A live tracking link will also be given to you so that you can keep a close eye on your pet’s progress.

Which Countries does Animal Couriers Serve?

Animal Couriers publishes an annual pet travel schedule, covering the UK and a multitude of European countries, such as Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Italy and Greece.

The operating timetable is available on their website, and the schedule usually covers the following pet transport routes:

  • UK, Portugal, Spain and France
  • UK, Italy and Athens
  • Sicily, Malta, Italy and UK
  • UK, Lower Germany, Austria and Italy
  • UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and Sweden
  • UK, France, Italy, Greece, Crete
  • Sweden, Denmark, Germany and UK

Additionally, they offer a charter service on request for the rest of Europe. With this option, you hire the entire vehicle for the duration of the required route. The charter on demand covers the vast majority of EU countries.

You’ll be provided with the entire trip plan, including delivery times, several days in advance of your pet’s travel date.

If you would prefer your cat or dog to fly as cargo instead, Animal Couriers can arrange everything you need, including flights and pet transport.

Cost of Animal Couriers for UK & EU

For all services, including pet travel by road, or cats and dogs flying as cargo, a quotation is available on request.

Remember to leave a review if your cat, dog, rabbit or ferret is transported by road with Animal Couriers pet services in the UK, Italy, Greece, Germany or anywhere else on our beautiful planet!

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