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Manchester Airport

All pets arriving at Manchester Airport from outside the United Kingdom (Scotland, England, Wales & Northern Ireland) will proceed to the Pets on Jets pet reception centre. The Manchester Airport pet reception centre is purely to carry out DEFRA checks on pets and their paperwork, upon arrival in the UK. Therefore, it isn’t a place for pets to layover between flight connections, as is the case with the Amsterdam Airport Pet Reception Centre. However, your pet will be provided with water, and dogs will be exercised to allow them to stretch their legs at the Pets on Jets facility. There’s also a pet relief area inside Manchester Airport to allow your Service or Assistance Dog to have a bathroom break. You can leave a review to let other pet travellers know what you think if your pet has visited the Manchester Airport Pet Reception Centre.

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Jets on Pets Manchester Airport Pet Reception Centre
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Standards & Service at the Manchester Airport Pet Reception Centre

The Manchester Airport Pet Reception Centre works with pets arriving on flights from various airlines, such as Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, Icelandair and KLM. Your pet will be collected from you by a member of the Pets on Jets staff upon arrival at Manchester Airport. You must attach to your pet’s kennel all of the original paperwork required for your pet to travel. Be sure to have the documentation needed to take you cat, dog or ferret to England. You can email the Manchester Airport Pet Reception Centre at

Trained staff will ensure your pet has access to drinking water, and dogs will be exercised. Be aware that no grooming or kennel cleaning service is available in order to prevent possible cross-contamination between pets.

Clearing your pet to enter the UK

The prompt clearance of your pet at the Manchester Airport Pet Reception Centre is reliant on you sending them copies of all the required paperwork in advance. This includes photocopies of the:

Collecting your pet from Pets on Jets

As a small pet airport facility, the Department for Environment, Forestry & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) only allows pets to be there for a maximum of 4 hours. All pets must therefore be collected within 4 hours of arrival at the facility.

However, pets are usually ready for collection approximately 1.5 hours after arrival, therefore once you collect your luggage, you should make your way to the Manchester Airport Pet Reception Centre to collect your cat, dog or other animal. The address is:

Pets On Jets
Building 300
World Freight Terminal
Manchester Airport
M90 5BA

Assistance & Service Dogs arriving at Manchester Airport

Only professionally trained and registered Assistance & Service Dogs can enter the UK in the cabin of a commercial flight. As Emotional Support Animals are not professionally trained, they must travel to the UK in the hold. Psychiatric Service Dogs that have been trained and certified, and that hold the necessary paperwork, can fly in the cabin with you.

If you’re flying to Manchester Airport with an Assistance or Service Dog in the cabin, the Jets on Pets team must receive all of the necessary paperwork in advance. Once they’re content with your paperwork and have everything required, they’ll send you a Confirmation of Attendance Form.

Prior to departure, and also at check in, your airline will want to see the Confirmation of Attendance Form to allow your Assistance or Service Dog to fly to Manchester in the cabin with you.

Upon arrival at Manchester, a member of the Jets on Pets team will be waiting to greet you when the aircraft doors open. They’ll then scan your dog’s microchip and verify your original paperwork. Once the checks are complete, you’ll be given a stamped copy of the Jets on Pets Checklist to provide to immigration as you pass through Manchester Airport. You’ll only be able to pass through immigration with your Assistance or Service Dog if you have the Jets on Pets Checklist.

Pet Relief Area at Manchester Airport

Unlike many other UK airports, Manchester has designated pet relief areas inside all terminal buildings, to allow Service & Assistance Dogs to have a toilet break.. Customer Service Staff within each of the terminals will be able to direct you to the nearest pet relief area.

Remember to always protect your pet against vector-borne diseases when travelling to a foreign destination, and leave a review if your pet has visited the Manchester Airport Pet Reception Centre!

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