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The Balearia Ferries pet friendly travel policy 2024 enables pets to sail from Spain, including the Canary Islands and Balearic Islands, Algeria, Morocco, and France. With Baleària Caribbean you can also travel between Florida and the tropical, sun-soaked shores of the Bahamas. Pets are allowed to travel in a pet friendly cabin, or in one of the purpose built pet-housing areas, they can’t make the crossing within a vehicle. To avoid distress for animals due to the large number of people around, all passengers with pets will embark and disembark the ferry last. Qualified Assistance & Service Dogs are permitted to access the Balearia Ferries passenger areas. Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) are able to travel under the Balearia Ferries Service Dog policy with appropriate certification. You can check out reviews by other pet travellers to find out about their experiences with Balearia Ferries before you book.

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Balearia Ferries Pet Friendly Cabins

Balearia Ferries now offers pet friendly cabins on selected routes. The cabins allow your dog to stay at your side for the duration of the crossing, and are specially designed with a drinking trough and pet bed for extra comfort.

If you’re sailing with a dog that weighs more than 30kg, you can only take one pet. However, if you have two pets weighing less than 30kg, they’re both allowed to stay in the Balearia Ferries pet friendly cabin.

The pet friendly cabins are currently available on the following Baleria ships:

  • Abel Matutes
  • Bahama Mama
  • Dénia Ciutat Creativa
  • Hedy Lamarr
  • Hypatia de Alejandría
  • Marie Curie
  • Martín and Soler
  • Nápoles
  • Rosalind Franklin
  • Sicilia

Balearia Ferries Permitted Pet Species

It’s not just dogs that are welcome onboard with Balearia Ferries pet policy, as the following species are also accepted:

  • Birds
  • Cats
  • Ferrets
  • Snakes

If you have an animal companion that isn’t listed, get in touch with Balearia Ferries. All animals, other than dogs, must travel in their own cage. This will be placed next to the pet kennel area for the duration of the crossing.

Balearia Ferries Little Pet Calm Houses

If a pet friendly cabin isn’t available, or you don’t want to use this option, then your animal companion will travel in a Balearia Ferries Little Pet Calm House. Found on deck or in the garage, these purpose built areas provide a safe place for your pet to make the crossing. The Little Pet Calm Houses are protected from weather conditions, and are properly ventilated.

Water and bowls are provided in the spacious houses, but you must provide your pet’s food and take care of their needs. For those travelling on a Balearia Ferries SmartShip, you can keep an eye on your pet using the on board surveillance system.

Cost of Balearia Ferries Little Pet Calm Houses

Under the Balearia Ferries pet policy, you must reserve your pet and obtain their boarding card prior to travel. When booking your pet to travel with Balearia Ferries, you must indicate if you require:

  • A small kennel (for pets weighing less than 30 kg)
  • A large kennel (for pets weighing more than 30 kg)
  • If you would prefer your pet to travel in your own carrier

Regardless of your requirements, the price for each pet is €10 per crossing, except on except on the Ibiza-Formentera, Algeciras-Ceuta and Algeciras-Tangier routes, where there is no charge.

Pet Visits during Crossings

For safety reasons, if you’re sailing on a high-speed vessel, you can’t enter the Balearia Ferries deck during the crossing, therefore you won’t be able to visit your pet.

But, if you’re travelling on a ferry, you can visit your pet if the pet houses are located on a deck accessible to passengers. Be aware that you can’t take your pet out of their kennel. There are set times for access to the pet area, which are displayed at the reception office.

On crossings of under four hours you may visit your pet once, but for four hours or more, you can make two visits to your pet. All pet visits are accompanied by a sailing attendant or crew member, as per the Balearia Ferries pet friendly policy.

Balearia Ferries Routes

Balearia Ferries offers a wide variety of pet friendly routes across the Mediterranean, and beyond, including Spain and the Canary Islands. For instance, you can sail with your pet from Barcelona to Ibiza, Huelva to Gran Canaria or Tenerife, and Algeciras to Ceuta. There’s a host of options for taking your furry friend on an adventure across the sea! Check out the full list of routes with Balearia Ferries.

Balearia Ferries Conditions of Carriage

The following conditions of travel must also be met on all Baleària Ferries crossings with pets:

  1. Your dog must wear a leash and muzzle when embarking, disembarking, and at any time during the crossing when they’re not in their travel carrier or on-deck kennel.
  2. Dog owners must sign a liability waiver.
  3. You must book your pet either online or by telephone before you travel.
  4. Documentation will be requested at the time of boarding, so you’ll be asked to show your pet’s rabies vaccination card, Import Certificate, Veterinary Health Certificate and boarding card.
  5. Dogs must not occupy a passenger seat.
  6. If you’re travelling with your dog, for both embarkation and disembarkation they must be leashed and muzzled.
  7. Animal species other than dogs must be secure in a cage or pet carrier.

Balearia Ferries Policy for Assistance & Service Dogs

Professionally trained and registered Assistance & Service Dogs can freely access passenger facilities at no additional cost. They must remain at your side for the duration of the crossing, and have to wear a leash and harness, unless being restrained would interfere with their work. Psychiatric Service Dogs and Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) may also travel for free, provided that you can show the relevant documentation.

Size and weight restrictions don’t apply to Assistance & Service Dogs.

You must indicate that you will be travelling with an Assistance or Service Dog by contacting the Baleària Ferries Access Desk at least 72 hours prior to departure.

Always remember to protect your pet from vector-borne diseases in a foreign country, and leave a review if you sail on a pet friendly ferry with Balearia Ferries!

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