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taking a dog to the algarve travelling to the algarve with a dog
Pet Relocation

Taking a Dog to The Algarve

Are you spending the summer months, or planning a winter escape with your dog in the Algarve? Look no further as we’re going to fill you in on everything you need to know about taking a dog to the Algarve, where glorious sunshine and soft, sandy beaches await. Travelling to

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airlines allow pets flying in cabin 2023 cats and dogs in cabin airlines
Dogs on Planes

Fifteen Airlines that Permit Pets in Cabin 2024

When flying with a cat or dog, there’s no doubt that pet safety is paramount. They’re precious cargo after all! Many international airlines allow small cats and dogs in the cabin for a small fee when travelling with an adult passenger. If your pet is of the required size and

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pet friendly sleeper trains Europe cats dogs trains EU pets on trains Europe UK rules laws
Pet on Trains

Pet Friendly Sleeper Trains in Europe 2024

With an increased demand for environmentally friendly travel options in 2024, you’ll be happy to hear that pet travel in the EU and UK is becoming more readily available due to pet friendly sleeper trains. Many companies are regularly adding to their pet friendly sleeper train routes, with destinations including

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pet friendly hotels uk 2023 scotland england wales northern ireland dog friendly hotels
Pet Travel

8 Pet Friendly Hotels in UK for 2024

With the cost of living crisis, many cat and dog owners are opting for a staycation in the UK, and thankfully there’s an array of paw-some hotels to choose from that allow pets. Whatever your budget in 2024, there’s a pet friendly hotel to accommodate your needs for a trip

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7 chilling animal myths folklore superstitions halloween dogs black cats elephants
Animal Awesomeness

7 Chilling Animal Myths for Halloween

Growing up in Glasgow, Scotland, superstitions were integrated into everyday life in our household, and they always related to avoiding bad luck! Spill the salt? Throw it over your left shoulder. Never walk under a ladder, or over a crack in the pavement, and when walking down the street with

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airline pet in hold bans covid 19 pets on planes travel bans
Dog Blog

COVID-19 is STILL Affecting Pets on Planes

This summer, with worldwide airport chaos due to staff shortages caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s not just human holidays that are being cancelled – some airlines aren’t flying pets in the hold. As airport baggage handlers are currently in short supply across the globe, airlines are struggling to cope

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Dog Blog

Quarantine for Cats & Dogs

Pet quarantine used to be commonplace when travelling with cats and dogs. But, following the introduction of the European Union (EU) Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) on 1 October 2001, quarantine gradually became a distant memory in Europe. But, it did take a while for all EU members to get up

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transatlantic pet friendly airlines cats dogs usa uk europe eu planes in cabin international in hold
Dogs on Planes

7 Transatlantic Pet Friendly Airlines

Does your next international pet vacation or relocation in 2024 involve an international transatlantic flight with your cat or dog? If yes, you’ll be happy to hear that transatlantic pet flights are a possibility from the United Kingdom (UK) as well as many EU countries such as Portugal, Spain, France

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IATA compliant airline pet in hold crates cargo checked baggage cats and dogs
Dog Blog

4 IATA Compliant Airline Pet in Hold Crates

Pet safety is of paramount importance when flying a cat, dog or other animal in the aircraft hold, so an International Air Transport Association (IATA) compliant airline crate is vital. Since large dogs can’t fly in the cabin of any commercial airline in 2023, the only option for those of

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iata pet in cabin airline travel carrier cat dog plane flying safely in cabin
Dog Blog

8 Purr-Fect IATA Airline Pet in Cabin Carriers

Are you soon to be yanking your suitcase down from the attic for a sunny summer holiday? Then maybe you’re looking out your cat or dog’s airline travel carrier too? If your annual vacation involves flying with a pet in the cabin, it might just be the time to revamp

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Flying with Pets

Comprehensive guides to flying with cats and dogs in the cabin, and in the hold as checked baggage or cargo.

Pet Friendly Ferries

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Protecting Cats & Dogs

Remember to keep your pet safe from vector-borne diseases when you travel to a foreign destination.

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