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Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)

The Scandinavian Airlines pet policy for 2023 includes various options for flying with dogs or cats in the cabin and cargo hold. Details of the Scandinavian Airlines pet travel policy for international and transatlantic flights with your cat or dog are included. When flying with your pet in either the cabin or cargo hold with Scandinavian Airlines, your cat or dog must be able to move around within their carrier, and they have to travel with an adult passenger. The price for flying your pet in an Scandinavian Airlines cabin or hold varies, and certain dog breeds are not permitted to travel either in the cabin or cargo hold. Assistance & Service Dogs fly free of charge in the Scandinavian Airlines cabin, but Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) aren’t recognised. You can also check out reviews for Scandinavian Airlines by fellow pet travellers, or leave a review if you’ve flown your cat or dog with SAS! Read on for full details of the Scandinavian Airlines pet policy 2023.

Unless you’re travelling domestically in Sweden, Norway or Denmark, you must complete a Scandinavian Airlines pet travel form before your flight.

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Scandinavian Airlines
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Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) in Cabin
Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) Pet Policy 2023

Does Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) allow pets in the cabin?

Small cats and dogs in their travel bags are accepted in the cabin of Scandinavian Airlines flights, up to a combined weight of 8kg. You can take one carrier as carry-on baggage, containing up to two cats or dogs, provided that they don’t exceed 8kg. Your pet(s) must be able to stand up, rotate and lie down in their travel carrier, and your chosen pet carrier must meet the specifications of Scandinavian Airlines. You should book your pet on your flight, no later than 24 hours after making your own reservation.

Only cats and dogs are permitted to fly in the cabin of Scandinavian Airlines Flights, all other animals must travel as checked baggage or cargo.

On the flight, the travel container will be stowed underneath the seat in front of you and you can’t remove your cat(s) or dog(s) during the flight for safety reasons.

Scandinavian Airlines Pet in Cabin Price

The costs of flying small cats and dogs in the cabin, one way, with Scandinavian Airlines are

  • Domestic Flights 420 DKK/550 NOK/550 SEK/55 EUR/60 USD
  • Europe & Scandinavia 550 DKK/750 NOK/750 SEK/75 EUR/80 USD
  • Asia & the USA 740 DKK/990 NOK/990 SEK/99 EUR/105 USD

Does Scandinavian Airlines allow pets in the hold?

SAS also accepts animals travelling in the hold of the plane, provided that your pet travels in an IATA approved crate. Two adult animals of comparable size, and weighing up to 14kg each, may travel in the same travel container. Animals weighing over 14kg must travel in separate crates.

Large animals, or pets travelling to certain countries, will have to travel with SAS Cargo.

Scandinavian Airlines pet in hold price

  • Domestic Flights 680 DKK/950 NOK/950 SEK/90 EUR/100 USD
  • Europe & Scandinavia 1250DKK/1740NOK/1740SEK/169 EUR/195 USD
  • Asia & the USA 2020 DKK/2800 NOK/2800 SEK/270 EUR/310 USD

Scandinavian Airlines Assistance & Service Dogs and Emotional Support Animals (ESAs)

Scandinavian Airlines welcomes certified, professionally trained Assistance & Service Dogs to fly free of charge in the cabin. If you plan on travelling with your Assistance or Service Dog, try to notify Scandinavian Airlines s at least 48 hours prior to departure. The required documentation and behaviour of the dog will be assessed at the airport to ensure safety requirements are met before approving them for travel.

Psychiatric Service Dogs are accepted for free travel in the Scandinavian Airlines cabin, but Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) are not recognised. Therefore ESAs must travel under the standard SAS pet policy.

The Assistance or Service Dog must be trained by a certified national or international establishment, and your dog must carry the badge that classifies them in a visible way. When necessary, you must present your dog’s documentation to airline and airport staff.

Always ensure your pet has adequate protection against vector-borne diseases in a foreign country, and remember to leave a review if you fly your pet with Azores Airlines!

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