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The KLM pet policy for 2024 includes various options for flying with dogs or cats in the cabin and hold, or with multiple pets as cargo. Details of the KLM pet policy for travelling on international and transatlantic flights with your cat or dog are included. KLM is one of the handful of airlines that permits small cats and dogs to fly in the cabin from many UK airports (Scotland, England, Wales & Northern Ireland), as well as Ireland. For dogs and cats in the cabin or hold, or those travelling as cargo, pets must be at least ten weeks old. When flying with dogs and cats in either the cabin or cargo hold with KLM, pets must be able to move around within their carrier, and they have to travel with an adult passenger. The price for flying your pet in a KLM cabin or cargo hold varies between €30-€200, depending on the route, method of travel and the size of your pet. KLM pet travel rules do not allow for cats and dogs on certain flights, or to specific international destinations. In addition, the KLM dog policy doesn’t accept certain breeds either in the cabin or cargo hold. From 2021, Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) are no longer recognised as Assistance or Service Dogs by KLM, and most other airlines. Only professionally trained Assistance and Service Animals are permitted to fly with KLM, while Psychiatric Service Dogs are allowed on flights to and from the USA. Emotional Support Animals must therefore travel under the standard KLM Pet Travel Policy. You can also check out reviews for KLM Airlines by fellow pet travellers to discover how the KLM pet policy is experienced in practice. Read on for the full KLM pet travel policy 2024.

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KLM Airlines
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 2 reviews
 by Stephanie
February 2022

Probably one of the easier airlines to make changes with. However, they are not currently flying pets in the hold. There is no indication of this on their website. I only found this out AFTER paying for the flight. Thankfully they were easy to convert the flight to a voucher or offer of refund, but that takes several weeks.

 by Scott
It wasn't all easy!

We’ve flown twice with KLM with one dog and unfortunately had issues on each occasion. At check in on our first flight, we were put on hold due to our dog’s back brushing the top of the soft pet carrier when he turned around. Despite the carrier and our dog both meeting KLM specifications. It was left to the cabin crew whether or not we boarded. Luckily, they didn’t have any issues and we boarded our flight after 4 hours of stress!

On the second occasion, we were told both our dogs could fly in the cabin with us, again from Glasgow to Paris. So we booked our flight as confirmed then contacted the KLM pet bookings department, only to be advised that only one dog was allowed on the entire flight. So we had to arrange for my parents to fly with one dog on another flight. Really not pet friendly in terms of the booking or check in processes, and staff don’t all have the same knowledge of pet travel, which cost us big time.

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Dogs & Cats in the Cabin of the Plane
Dogs & Cats flying as Checked In Baggage
Pets flying in Cargo Hold
Assistance Dogs in Cabin
Psychiatric Service Dogs in Cabin
Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) in Cabin
KLM Pet Policy 2024

Does KLM allow Pets in the Cabin?

Dogs and cats in the cabin are accepted by KLM in their travel bag, up to a combined weight of 8kg. No other species can fly in the KLM cabin. In addition, cats and dogs aren’t permitted in Business Class on inter-continental flights.

The travel bag or kennel must meet the KLM specifications outlined in their pet travel policy, with the maximum dimensions of L 46 W 28 H 24 cm. But, remember that the pet travel kennel also has to meet the minimum inner crate dimensions set by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). You can calculate the minimum dimensions permitted for your cat or dog’s airline travel carrier.

On the flight, the travel bag will be stowed underneath the seat in front of you, you can’t remove your cat or dog during the flight for safety reasons. KLM also uses their own pet travel checklist when checking in your pet for the flight. Before you fly, check that your pet, and their carrier, comply with the KLM Pet in Cabin Checklist.

Snub-nosed animals such as Boxers, Pekinese and Persian cats can have trouble breathing during the flight, due to high temperatures and stress. To ensure their well-being, most snub-nosed animals may not be transported in the hold. However, they may be transported in the cabin or as cargo.

Therefore, dog breeds such as English and French Bulldogs, Boston Terriers and Pugs may only be transported in the cabin.

KLM pet in cabin price

KLM doesn’t stipulate the price of travelling with a pet in the cabin, as it depends on the route.

As a guide, when travelling between Glasgow and Amsterdam, roughly a one hour trip, we paid £42 for each of our dogs to fly in the cabin with KLM. So this may help with estimations for the cost of your own desired route, but to get an exact price please call or email KLM for a quote for flying with your pet in the cabin.

Does KLM allow Pets in the Hold as Checked Baggage?

If your feline or canine weighs more than 8kg, and up to a maximum of 75kg they must travel in the hold as checked baggage, in accordance with the KLM international pet travel policy.

Should your pet weigh more than 75kg, or they are travelling on a different flight from you, or if you are travelling with more than three animals, your pet will be shipped as cargo.

Snub nosed cat and dog breeds cannot fly in the KLM hold as checked baggage, but they might be allowed to travel as cargo.

For the safety of your dog, the kennel must meet the legal requirements of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). You can use this IATA Airline Cat & Dog Crate Calculator to ensure you select the permitted kennels size for your pet. Also, if your pet kennel has wheels, make sure that the wheels can be dismantled or locked before travel so that the kennel is not able to roll around in the hold.

KLM Pet in Hold Cost

The price of flying your pet in the hold with KLM depends on the size and weight of your pet, along with the selected route. The fee varies from €30 to €200. In addition, if your pet is travelling in  the hold, and you have a connecting flight at Amsterdam Airport that lasts three hours or longer, you will have to pay an additional €150 to cover pet care at the Schiphol Airport Pet Hotel.

In the animal hotel, your furry friend will be given something to eat and drink. Dogs will be walked, and cats will get a fresh litter box while they stay in a larger kennel.

KLM Pet Policy for Dogs & Cats as Cargo or Freight

If you want to take more than three pets with you, they must be shipped as cargo. Your pet will also be transported as freight by Air France-KLM Cargo if: 

  • Your pet and kennel combined weigh more than 75 kg
  • The kennel is larger than 115 inch (l + w + h)
  • Your pet is not travelling on the same flight as you
  • Your pet is travelling to a country whose authorities allow the transportation of pets as cargo only

To transport your pet as cargo, you will need to contact a specialised cargo agent. You can find a list of cargo agents in the Netherlands at the Air France KLM Cargo website. Or read more at the website of the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association. 

Non-Permitted Dog Breeds with KLM

The KLM international pet policy states that pets cannot fly in the business cabin on intercontinental flights, and your pet cannot travel in the hold of their Boeing 787-9 and Boeing 787-10 aircraft. So always check with KLM first if your desired flight is serviced by one of these aeroplane types.

Dogs deemed potentially dangerous may not be permitted to travel with KLM under their restricted dog breeds policy.

Snub-nosed (brachycephalic) cat and dog breeds may travel in the cabin, but not in the hold as checked baggage. However, they may be allowed to travel with KLM Cargo. However, for pet safety reasons, this isn’t recommended by the IATA.

KLM Policy for Assistance & Service Dogs

You can travel with your Assistance or Service Dog in the cabin free of charge with KLM. It’s recommended that you make the request during booking and no less than 48 hours before your departure. But try to make the reservation as far in advance as possible.

To fly your Assistance or Service Dog in the cabin, firstly download and fill out the application form for guide dogs and send the completed form to KLM CARES. A member of the team will then contact you about the arrangements. Also take the completed application with you when checking in at the airport.

KLM Policy for Emotional Support Animals & Psychiatric Service Dogs 2024

As of 1 March 2021, KLM no longer accepts Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) for travel. Only registered and professionally trained Assistance & Service Dogs are accepted to travel in the cabin free of charge. Note that trained Psychiatric Service Dogs are classified as Assistance or Service Dogs for flights to and from the USA. Psychiatric Service Dogs can travel free of charge in the cabin under the KLM Assistance Dog Policy on flights to and from the USA only. Psychiatric Service Dogs differ from ESAs, as they have been trained to perform a specific task, or tasks, for their owner.

To fly with a Psychiatric Service Dog (PSVD) free of charge in the cabin under the KLM Assistance & Service Dog policy 2024, you must complete the USDOT Application Form, attesting to the dog’s training and behaviour, and send it to KLM prior to travel.

All pets other than Assistance & Service Dogs, including Emotional Support Animals, must adhere to the standard KLM pet policy, and comply with the size, weight and breed restrictions.

KLM Excluded Pet Routes on International & Transatlantic Flights

The KLM international pet policy states that pets cannot fly in the business cabin on intercontinental flights, and your pet cannot travel in the hold of their Boeing 787-9 and Boeing 787-10 aircraft. So always check with KLM first if your desired flight is serviced by one of these aeroplane types.

During the winter, your pet cat or dog may not travel in the hold on KLM Cityhopper flights (Embraer 175 and Embraer 190) for longer than two hours.

Be aware that due to local laws, KLM is unable to fly pets in the cabin to certain destinations, including the UK. In these cases, cats and dogs usually must travel as cargo in the hold.

Travelling via Amsterdam with a Layover

For all KLM connecting flights with pets flying in the hold and a layover at Amsterdam Airport of more than 2 hours, your cat or dog will be transported to the Amsterdam Airport Pet Hotel. A flat rate of €150 is charged for this service.

KLM Pet Policy Booking Process

If you’re booking your own flight online you can add your pet to the reservation at the same time, or you may also contact KLM by telephone to add your pet to the flight. You must reserve your pet, whether a cat or dog, no later than 48 hours before departure.

If you’re flying with a cat or dog in the cabin, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the KLM Pet Travel Checklist.

You can also check out 10 Pet Friendly Airlines in Europe, as well as Airlines that Permit Pets in Cabin from the UK. If your worried about your pet’s safety when flying in the hold of an aircraft, have a look at Are Pets Safe on Planes?

Remember to protect your pet against vector borne diseases in a foreign country, and leave a review if you fly your cat or dog in the cabin or hold with KLM!

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