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Whether you’re flying from Portugal to Australia, sailing from Spain to Morocco, or riding a rail route between the UK & EU, we have everything covered to enable you to perfectly plan your next pet vacation, or relocation.

Discover if your destination is pet-friendly, and find out about local laws and customs for cats and dogs. We also cover pet access to public transport and accommodation.

Paws on Planes

Comprehensive guides to flying with cats and dogs in the cabin, and in the hold as checked baggage or cargo.

Pet Friendly Ferries

Prefer sailing the seas to soaring the skies? Then check out our selection of global pet friendly ferries.

Pet Friendly Trains

Read about rail routes and pet policies for worldwide train networks.

Pet Travel Schemes

Do you need a Pet Passport, Animal Health Certificate or Import Permit for your next trip? Discover the documentations and preparations required under each country’s pet passport laws.

Pet Travel Safety

Remember to keep your pet safe from vector-borne diseases when you travel to a foreign destination. And, of course, a pet ID tag is super important too.

Pet Cargo & Couriers

Discover airline cargo companies, as well as pet couriers to transport your cat, dog, ferret, rabbit or bird by road.

Pet Friendly Destinations

Check out our directory of worldwide pet friendly destinations, whether you’re pining for a sunny beach vacation or sightseeing city break.

Pet Friendly Hotels

Locate the paw-fect pet friendly accommodatio for your next trip, as reviewed by other cat and dog owners..

Dog Friendly Beaches & Parks

Locate the best dog friendly beaches and parks to visit with your four-legged friend.


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